It has been about 5 years and a few months but who is actually counting. They say that time heals all things. Whoever spoke those wise words must also have never really been in love. Because with love, time becomes our worst enemy. Time only makes the person fonder, winters colder, and the thought of marriage scarier. And while dating others in between this time, I also realize that the someone was the one. 

So, what if, you now suddenly believe in soulmates? That there is truly only one person out there for you. I used to think that the fish were plentiful and the stars were countless. But, what if, your ocean becomes a pond? And your night sky becomes empty? 

I dread the day of hearing those words, not from that someone, but casually from another mutual friend: “Did you hear? He’s engaged.” To know that his heart belongs to someone else is more than tragic—it’s eternally devastating. 

Only because I know that this life will be eternal.